Effective Therapy Reuniting Children with Their Alienated Parent Under COVID-19

Session : Workshop 4-1: Interventions II

  • Time : 11:30 am PDT To 1:30 pm PDT on
  • Venue : Effective Therapy Reuniting Children with their Alienated Parent Under COVID-19

Full Abstract

The intervention at Turning Points for Families to heal a damaged or severed parent-child relationship relies heavily on the co-therapist—that co-therapist being the child’s powerful instinctual need for a parent. According Salvador Minuchin’s structural family therapy model, people in intimate relationships heal each other; and I have concluded that the parent-child relationship is the most powerful, the most enduring, and the most impactful—at least for the child. By working with the co-therapist named the “instinct for survival,” the Turning Points intervention has proven equally successful using video conference technology during COVID—just as long as the parent and child are physically together. This presentation will provide the nuts and bolts of the successful therapy model at Turning Points for Families.