Family Violence Against Men – a Potential Blind Spot?

Session : Workshop 1-1: Current Status of Research on Shared Parenting and Family Violence

  • Time : 10:05 am PDT To 11:20 am PDT on
  • Venue : Virtual Room 1

Full Abstract

Family violence is still mainly considered to be against women. However, official statistics in Switzerland show, that the share of male victims is about to reach 30%. Not talking about this, not supporting the respective institutions, not mentioning these victims in scientific papers causes negative impacts on the perception of domestic violence at all. We need to find a way to handle all domestic violence equal, meaning that there should be no difference in the treatment of offenders. Accusation of domestic violence has a high potential for abuse, which make's it even more important, to have open eyes on the situations. Shared, or parallel parenting can be established if the domestic violence was clearly a result of pre-separation-stress and not systematic. Establishing this needs a lot of work for the two parents, but it can lead to a better situation for the children. Experience of the author: - 15 years of work for an NGO, helping people to find good solutions after separations. - 10 years of experience with the only shelter for beaten men in Switzerland. - 8 years of experience with shared parenting concepts