Changes in Legal Regulations, Parental Health and Well-being, and Children’s Physical Custody Arrangements Among Post-Separation Families in Switzerland

Session : Workshop 1-2: Legal Approaches in Shared Parenting and Family Violence

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  • Venue : Virtual Room 4

Full Abstract

This study examines the prevalence and socio-demographic profiles of post-separation parents practicing shared physical custody (SPC) in Switzerland, and its associations with parental health and well-being. We analyzed data from two samples of post-separation parents: one surveyed before and one shortly after family law changes facilitating parents’ access to SPC. In both samples, SPC parents represented only a small fraction and SPC was associated with parents’ higher education or less financial strain. SPC-health and -well-being linkages also varied by education. We conclude that prevailing gender-biased employment practices may counteract the broadened access to SPC by reinforcing more traditional sole custody models among less resourceful parents.