Break / Hallway Chat

Session : Day Two Late Afternoon Break / Hallway Chat

  • Time : 3:45 pm PDT To 4:00 pm PDT on
  • Venue : Break / Hallway Chat

Full Abstract

One of the best functions of a conference is when you are able to take a break and catch up with someone in the hallway. This is where colleagues incubate ideas for new collaborations and research. It is where two strangers become life long friends. This is the unscripted part of the conference that often creates the highest value for participants. This year, ICSP will help facilitate those hallway discussions by scripting the unscripted. During different times in the day's schedule, there will be breaks for hallways discussions. Attendees who choose to participate will enter the virtual room where the break is taking place. In here, there will be one or more break-out rooms opened up. An attendee can enter any breakout room to join in the discussion. If a topic is known at the start of the breakout, a room will be dedicated to that topic. Others will be more spontaneous. Once in a break-out room, participants are free to cordially discuss topics and exchange ideas. If the discussion is not enticing to them, they can simply leave the topic and join a new discussion of their choosing.